Advisory Group Meeting

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Advisory Group Meeting

AUGUST 29, 2023 TO SEPTEMBER 8, 2023

Between August 29 and September 8, road safety advisory group meetings were held for 2023. These meetings were hosted in the different regions of the PRHTA to cover the municipalities with the highest fatality statistics related to vulnerable road users. Representatives from the Puerto Rico Highway and Transportation Authority (PRHTA), emergency management, municipal planning, municipal and state police, the Traffic Safety Commission, F.I.E.S.T.A., among other municipal offices were invited to discuss topics related to the new Road Safety Plan (SHSP) 2024-2028, evaluation of vulnerable road users with preliminary results for Puerto Rico and the region visited, as well as strategies, implementation examples and potential projects to address these types of fatalities. Participants had the opportunity to provide their input on the problems in their region related to vulnerable road users, short- and long-term projects they are carrying out to address the problems directly or indirectly with pedestrians and cyclists, as well as answering a brief survey at the end of the meeting.

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