Traffic data system

Road safety

Traffic data is the key when planning, implementing and evaluating our road safety performance.

Improve data accessibility: create a universal crash data archive that is accessible to different agencies and the general public, according to their individual needs.

Improved crash location accuracy: the crash location data file should be able to be linked to the same crash location information in other traffic records systems. This will improve the analysis of site-specific safety issues.

Improve data integration efforts: communicate the importance of this area of emphasis in shock reduction by promoting the implementation of TRCC strategic plans and the participation of each committee member.



Reduce crash data availability time from 358 days to 60 days.

Strategic goal

Create a data warehouse that integrates traffic records systems and improve the accessibility, timeliness, and uniformity of the crash data system.

Performance goal

Time when crash data is available.



The availability of up-to-date and reliable traffic data helps managers at all levels and in all sectors to make long- and short-term changes to reduce the number of crashes and lives impacted. The chances of making better decisions increase when data from different systems are integrated.

The Traffic Records Coordination Committee (TRCC) is responsible for improving traffic-related databases, data analysis, and data availability in Puerto Rico. Its work is related to the six (6) traffic records systems:

  • Crashes
  • Citation / Adjudication
  • Serious Injury Surveillance / Emergency Medical Response
  • Drivers
  • Rolling


Maximize the scope of the six (6) traffic data systems (integration, interface and storage).


Support the implementation of PRR-621.4.


Improve processes for obtaining notifications of blood alcohol content (BAC) results.


Improve capabilities and processes to identify repeat drivers due to negligence.


Promote traffic data collection (AADT).


Support activities to achieve the MIRE Action Plan.


Improve communication among the agencies that make up the TRCC committee.